He also once again praised Big Freedia for defending him.

Those VladTV interviews with Boosie Badazz continue to captivate Hip Hop. A major component of his latest sit-down with the outlet centers around his recent viral moments with Lil Nas X. Boosie has received backlash for his homophobic remarks, but he has also gained support from fans and friends who have defended his comments.

Bounce icon Big Freedia came forward to deny that Boosie was homophobic and instead stated that he called Lil Nas X a “f*ggot” and told him to take his own life because Boosie was upset. Adding to that conversation, Boosie reiterated that he does not have any issues with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Boosie Badazz
Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

“She understand me. You can’t have gay people around you working, dealing with millions of dollars if you hate them,” said Boosie. “You can’t have gay people—it doesn’t work like that in real life. You know, in real life. We from Louisiana, gay motherf*ckers everywhere. The killers gay! They got killers gay, n*gga! Killers will kill you down there, n*gga! It ain’t never been about no gay sh*t, it’s ’bout the level of respect.”

“The gay people in Louisiana have respect for the gangstas. It’s a—bruh, it’s not, bruh, we not hating gay people,” he continued. “Especially not in Louisiana. Bro, it’s not like that down there, bro… You just stay in your place.”

Boosie went on to praise Big Freedia’s career, calling what she has established in Louisiana and beyond with Bounce music as a “movement.” Watch Boosie chat with VladTV below.