Cardi B will have to appear for a deposition in the lawsuit against Offset and Migos.

Cardi B has been keeping herself out of trouble in recent times but she keeps finding herself having to deal with some sort of legal matter, apparently. Per Bossip, Cardi B was handed a subpoena this week to appear for a deposition in a stylist’s $80K lawsuit against Migos. 

Migos are accused of essentially running off on a stylist who got them $80K worth of luxury clothes and styling services. Luka Lorena, the company, said that Migos accepted all of these products and haven’t even bothered paying them back since. Cardi B is being called to be deposed by Luka Lorena’s legal representation. Additionally, she’ll be forced to hand over any messages between herself, Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo in regards to their alleged dealings with Luka Lorena. Offset was also subpoenaed this week along with Migos’ manager and the company Lamar Business Services.

“We are in receipt of the various subpoenas filed by Ms. Lorena and intend to follow the court’s instructions and requirements related thereto,” Migos lawyer Justin Spizman said. “However, it appears a number of the subpoenas are related to uninterested parties and seem to be no more than a fishing expedition.”

If they do not comply with the subpoena, they will be found in contempt of court.