Black women have long celebrated the versatility and beauty of their hair, embracing a diverse range of styles that reflect their individuality and cultural heritage. From intricate braids to elegant curls, hair has been a powerful expression of identity and pride since ancient times. Today, this journey continues with brands like Mayvenn, revolutionizing the beauty industry and empowering both stylists and clients.

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Founded in 2013 by Diishan Imira in Oakland, CA, Mayvenn stands as the first venture-backed beauty tech company, enabling beauty professionals to increase their earning potential while offering a seamless e-commerce platform and marketplace for salon services. With over $40 million paid out to more than 50,000 hairstylists nationwide, Mayvenn has played a pivotal role in uplifting beauty professionals, particularly during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Brittany Johnson, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Mayvenn, highlights the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity: “Mayvenn deals exclusively and directly with our factory, ensuring ethical sourcing and quality control. Our leadership team makes frequent visits to ensure those quality and morality standards are always being met.”


Mayvenn’s partnership with Walmart and the establishment of Beauty Lounges offer clients a unique shopping and service experience, enhancing accessibility to high-quality beauty products and salon services. Johnson elaborates, “Mayvenn’s Beauty Lounges provide hands-on training, tips, and how-tos to clients, offering a personalized experience unmatched by traditional beauty supply stores.”

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Mayvenn’s product highlights, including Body Wave Bundles and HD Lace Brazilian Wigs, have garnered popularity for their versatility and quality. Johnson explains, “These products cater to diverse style preferences, providing a protective style element and the ability to create a multitude of looks.”

Looking ahead, Mayvenn aims to continue empowering beauty professionals through its Affiliate Program and exclusive education initiatives. Johnson states, “Our goal is to ensure that Mayvenn becomes the go-to omnichannel option for your healthy hair journey, providing solutions that make both clients and stylists feel seen and heard.”

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Mayvenn’s innovative approach to beauty tech and commitment to empowerment exemplify its transformative impact on the beauty industry. As Black women explore different hair options, Mayvenn continues to pave the way for inclusivity, diversity, and excellence in beauty.