Seth Mcghee is 21 years old and comes out of the Hammond, Louisiana area. His career as an artist is in the early stages of his legacy, but he has the talent of a veteran when it comes to music. Under the alias CMC G, he has achieved a level of musical talent that brought him to the executive table of CMC The Label (Chances Make Champions). He has since inked a deal under their artist roster and has begun building his brand and expanding his reach to the world.

CMC G creates what is known as Pain music, his own sub-genre of hip hop built on life, expressing experiences that are relatable to fans and listeners that come into contact with his sound. CMC G focuses on substance when writing, his penmanship is upper level, and his talent receives compliments worthy of his artistry.

Already making an impact in the industry, CMC G continued with dropping fire releases that came in the form of songs like his December 14th, 2021, single, “Street Life.” The song is influenced by a melodic vibe with a cadence reflecting that of trap. CMC G’s authentic raps about real life situations endured by the world creates a track that connects with anyone who listens to everything he’s lived. Following up on “Street Life” CMC G planned another single packaged for release titled “Battle Cry.” It showcases the same versatile blend of trap and melodic flows, giving yet another single surely to receive heavy rotation on all streaming services. As with the music video for “Street Life,” “Battle Cry” will house visuals that accompany the words and emotions expressed through CMC G’s lyrics and melody. CMC G continues to work on upcoming songs to continue building his catalog and expand his already quickly growing fanbase.

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