“I am really going to see it through now that there’s an ending,” Dash said of “Paid In Full 2” after Alpo Martinez’s death.

On Halloween, news hit that infamous drug dealer and government informant Alpo Martinez was shot and killed in Harlem. Martinez was one of the main inspirations behind Paid In Full. Alpo’s death was both celebrated and grieved with people like Cam’ron and Mekhi Phifer reflecting on the influence he had in both Harlem and the film.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Dame Dash seems ready for a conclusion to Paid In Full 2 following Martinez’s death. Speaking to PageSix, Dash said that he’s been struggling to find an ending for the sequel for years. Martinez’s passing will offer some much-needed closure to the plotline.

“Paid in Full’ is a reflection of everything I’ve learned and I am really going to see it through now that there’s an ending,” he explained. “So this is going to dramatically change based on what happened Sunday. I was stuck on how to really approach it and this is actually giving me more clarity.”

The pressure for the sequel has been high. Critics may have had negative reception to the film initially but it became a cult classic in the near two decades since its release. “So the story got to be straight,” Dash added. Everybody’s thinking it’s got to be tight, and based on the fact that I have creative control, I can do things the right way. S–t’s going to be incredible.”

Dash also revealed that he initially found out about Martinez’s death through Indianapolis Congressman Andre Carson. “I mean a lot of people hit me up with the news but Andre Carson was the first to hit me up. So that is when I knew that the culture and the film… had made a major impact,” he said. 

Cam’ron has previously hinted that a sequel is in the works. We’ll keep you posted on anymore news regarding Paid In Full 2.