Dave has always cherished his relationship with Nipsey.

Dave East’s biggest inspiration has always been Nipsey Hussle. One of Nipsey’s crowning achievements in his life, and unfortunately the place he was slain, was his Marathon Clothing store in his hometown Los Angeles.

Influenced by this entrepreneurship, East decided he wanted to be a store owner himself. On Tuesday (Nov. 30), Dave announced that he had bought his first store in his hometown of Harlem. The New York rapper thanked his realtor and Nipsey for the help and motivation to secure the shop: “Bought My First Store Today. I Told Nipsey He Laid The Blueprint For Real Ones Everywhere. Wish Shooter Could See This Shit. Coming Soon 2022. Couldn’t Have Made This Happen Without @queenofharlem The Realest!!!”

While the photos Dave took in the store show that the establishment may need some cosmetic work done, he said it will open in 2022. East smiled while holding the keys to the shop, as he adds a facet of business to his busy life as a prominent hip-hop artist.

Dave East‘s relationship with Nipsey Hussle was a close one, as he has a large tattoo of Nip on his back in honor of him. The duo actually had a collaborative album in the works before Hussle was fatally shot in the summer of 2019. Dave had contemplated putting out the joint project for some time, but eventually decided against it.

Now though, the store Dave will operate can help preserve the spirit of Nipsey Hussle, helping to provide for their respective hometown communities. Check out the photos and video of Dave East’s new store below.