Alldaway Dre is planning to drop a “Wuz Finna Happen” sequel according to his recent Instagram stories. In the midst of 2020, North Carolina has become a melting pot for some of the hottest new rap acts, including Alldaway Dre. Born in Charlotte, NC, and raised in the trenches of Monroe making the most out of the least opportunity is what molded the MC/Producer into what he is today. From surviving gunshots and losing 2 close family members to covid in less than 2 years he is still making his place as one of the greats in the southern hip hop scene.

Founder of Ovawhelm Entertainment abbreviated into OVW Alldaway Dre has been making a name for himself since dropping his first single “Bite Back” and songs like “Beat Da Clock and “Real Wit Me.

Alldaway Dre comes from a very musically inclined family and versatility and quality trap music along with melodic flavors came easy hailing from the home of acts like K-Ci and JoJo and Calvin Richardson.

It’s easy to be overlooked coming from a place whose hip-hop music scene has often been overlooked since Petey Pablo and J.Cole. Since DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas the Carolinas have once again been in the spotlight and while also coming from that generation of talent Alldaway Dre stands out and will soon be making more headlines other than what he’s used to coming from many of NC’s trenches.

As the news broke about the loss of his sister fans and supporters didn’t know how things would be but seeing him post that he’s got a new project underway put everyone in high spirits. His last projects “Wuz Finna Happen” and “Cause N Affect” have had a lot of people tuned in and there are no limitations on how far he could go as an artist.