DJ Khaled is releasing the first two singles from his upcoming album “Khaled Khaled” tomorrow night.

DJ Khaled has been preparing the world for his twelfth studio album for the last year, teasing it shortly after the release of his 2019 project Father Of Asahd. The title of the album has been widely speculated on, with many assuming he would dedicate it to his youngest son Aalam. While Aalam was revealed to be the executive producer of the album, his namesake will not be gracing the title this time around.

The 44-year-old record executive announced the official name of his upcoming body of work, which will be called Khaled Khaled. That is the musician’s legal government name.

The last few go-arounds have been personal for DJ Khaled. His family has been at the core of his work for years and, now that he’s releasing a self-titled album, we may be seeing a return to the hits that originally made him famous. All that is yet to be determined upon the release of the first “two keys” on Thursday night.

Two singles will be dropping in just over twenty-four hours, with both featuring Drake. They will be the first songs to release from Khaled Khaled.

Are you excited for DJ Khaled to release his new album Khaled Khaled? Be sure to check out his new singles at the end of this week.