DJ Khaled recently paid tribute to Virgil Abloh, expressing his condolences and showcasing his Off-White custom shoes.

DJ Khaled recently celebrated and made tribute to renowned designer Virgil Abloh, following the stylist’s recent passing after a longtime, private bout with cancer. Abloh was 41-years-old.

“Bless up Virgil. Virgil, we love you,” Khaled said behind his camera, recording two pairs of Abloh’s iconically designed Off-White sneakers, the Nike Air Rubber Dunk and a pair of custom Abloh Air Force 1 Lows. 

“We’re going [to] continue blessing the world with your greatness. Thank you for everything you’ve done, for all of us,” Khaled said, showcasing the Off-White branded shoes as trophies in celebration of Virgil, his life, and his talents that have and will continue to influence fashion and culture for generations to come.

Francois Durand/Getty Images for Dior

Khaled wasn’t alone in paying homage to the late Abloh, the former artistic director of the menswear collection at Louis Vuitton. Fans and other celebrities alike shared an outpour of condolences and kind words for Virgil Abloh, out of respect for the person, and the impact in which he’s made.

Khaled ended the video explaining that he had Abloh in mind when preparing his outfit for the coming weekend, and simply wanted to show his love and appreciation for the man behind the popular designs.

“Virgil man, we love you brother,” Khaled said. “We love you brother.”

Check out Khaled’s quick tribute video, below: