Doja Cat was not having it.

“i’m f*ckin pissed.” 

That’s the latest tweet on Doja Cat‘s official Twitter page. Unfortunately, her tweet *right* before that has been deleted. 

Earlier today, Doja took to Twitter to announce that, due to COVID-19, she had to cancel her Jingle Ball appearances in both New York City and Boston. 

“We recently learned that a few members on my production team have tested positive for Covid 19 and are now on quarantine,” she said in a statement posted around 1 p.m. “For the health and wellbeing of the rest of our crew, we are following all the appropriate safety measurements and necessary precautions, which means I won’t be able to perform at iHeartRadio’s New York Z100 or Boston KISS FM Jingle Ball. I’m extremely disappointed, Jingle Ball has a great line up for you all, wish I could be there.” 

Despite her recent comments that music is no longer fun for her, and that she is burnt out from performing, it is clear that the “Say So” singer is disappointed that she must miss her two Jingle Ball performances. But one Twitter troll misconstrued her heartfelt statement as anger towards her crew for contracting the coronavirus. 

“why is she mad at her team for getting corona when SHE gave it to them…,” @rihvival responded. “get a grip, doja.” 

In a since-deleted quote tweet, Doja Cat dragged her. 

“Excuse me b*tch?,” she wrote. “I’m mad at the fact I can’t perform. Don’t you ever put words in my mouth you f*cking demonic rat.” 

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