Drizzy uploaded several photos from the event and included a few bars from Ye’s “Graduation” hit.

Audiences who viewed the Kanye West and Drake concert via streaming didn’t get to hear much about Larry Hoover, but fans celebrated the reunion of the rappers nevertheless. The internet has been buzzing about Ye inviting Drizzy to help raise awareness for incarcerated Gangster Disciples co-founder. The public has been chatting about what they believed were the best and worst moments from the Los Angeles Coliseum show, but it seems that Drake is more than thrilled with how everything played out.

Ye and Drake have been at odds for years, but thanks to Hoover and J. Prince, the pair reunited for a cause. Drake gave a brief update on the evening, in his own way, when he shared a series of photos to Instagram.

In addition to the images, in the caption, Drake also added a few bars from Kanye’s Graduation hit, “I Wonder.” He penned, “And that’s why I’m…seven o clock that’s prime time…heaven’ll watch god calling from the hotlines…why he keep giving me hot lines? I’m a star how could I not shine? How many ladies in the house? How many ladies in the house without a spouse??”

As expected, fans are pleading with the rappers to release a joint mixtape. Check out Drake’s post below to see more photos from the show.