Kanye West’s first presidential rally may have spawned a variety of reactions, but Ebro Darden believes a greater conspiracy is afoot.

Last night, Kanye West staged his first-ever presidential rally, an event that saw him speaking on a variety of topics ranging from abortion to slavery, the latter of which ultimately spawned a viral take on Harriet Tubman. And while rappers like Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Joey Bada$$ have weighed in on Yeezy‘s emotionally explosive speech, Ebro Darden took a moment to offer some thoughts on Ye’s newfound political ambitions. 

Kanye West rally

Brad Barket/Getty Images

In fact, Darden doesn’t appear convinced that Kanye is exhibiting any true agency, instead acting as an operative for his former pal Donald Trump. “Voting Black people aren’t dumb. They won’t vote for Kanye West it will be young white kids,” writes Ebro, his voice one of many in the choir of skeptics. “Kanye is clearly working for Trump.” 

A specific accusation to be sure, and while it’s entirely possible that Ebro’s conspiratorial take is genuine, the truth might not be as clear as he makes it sound. Many have already openly wondered about Yeezy’s mental state, with fears that his emotional confession to wanting to initially abort his daughter North might have serious repercussions on his family. Whether or not Kanye would go so far in the name of furthering Trump’s cause is up for discussion, but it’s clear that Ebro has made up his mind on the topic. Where do you stand on this one?