Matthew David Hughes, who broke into Eminem’s house in 2020, has been sentenced to five-years probation and time served.

In April 2020, Matthew David Hughes, 28, was arrested after breaking into Eminem‘s home and coming face to face with the legendary rapper during the night. According to Em, Hughes allegedly said he was there to kill him, a disturbing revelation that could have spelled tragedy under different circumstances. 

One year later, Hughes found himself in a courtroom for his troubles, as prosecutors revealed that the man had been stalking Eminem as far back as 2019.


 Dave J Hogan/Getty Images 

Now, a verdict has been reached, with the Associated Press reporting that Hughes has been sentenced to five years of probation with time served for a charge of a second-degree home invasion. The report also indicates that Eminem was okay with the decision, though he did not attend the hearing.

Hughes spent 524 days in a Macomb County jail before ultimately signing a plea and sentencing deal. In exchange, several charges were dropped entirely, including “first-degree home invasion, malicious destruction of property between $1,000 and $20,000 and assault of a jail employee,” as per AP’s report. It’s also noted that Hughes’ was generally quiet during the hearing, and the statements he did make were of a “confusing” nature.

We can only hope that this brings some sense of closure to Eminem and his family; while it’s not guaranteed that Hughes will have learned his lesson, the fact that Eminem approved of the sentence seems to suggest that he’s ready to move on. Clearly, he’s got other things on his mind — including his new song “Last One Standing,” a collaboration alongside Skylar Grey, Mozzy, and Polo G. Not to mention his newly opened Detroit restaurant Mom’s Spaghetti, at which he made a rare public appearance yesterday evening.