New York City Mayor Eric Adams is engaging in a public back-and-forth with rapper 50 Cent over the city’s new $53 million pilot program to aid migrant families. The clash began after 50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III, took to Instagram to express confusion and criticism over the program, prompting Adams to extend an invitation for a personal explanation.

50 took to his Instagram stories Saturday to express his confusion by revealing details of the mayor’s latest migrant crisis plan.

“WTF mayor Adams call my phone, I don’t understand how this works somebody explain,” the rapper wrote. “Can’t explain this I’m stuck maybe TRUMP is the answer.”


“We need to dispel the rumor that we gave American Express cards to everyone you know, that is just not true,” Adams said Monday.

First, to Fitty, I have not had one birthday that I have not played his music,” Adams told reporters at a City Hall press conference after The Post asked him whether he’d reached out to the 48-year-old rap star since the post.

“I would love to explain it to him so that he can go out and do another tweet of saying, ‘you know what, Eric is just a smart manager, and now we understand why he was elected by the people of the city of New York,’ ” Adams said.

Adams, addressing reporters at City Hall, revealed his admiration for the rapper’s music and expressed a desire to clarify the program’s objectives to him. Despite Adams’ invitation, it’s uncertain whether any communication has transpired between the mayor and the rapper.

The initiative, named the Immediate Response Card, involves providing pre-loaded credit cards to migrant families for food purchases at local businesses. Adams defended the program, emphasizing its cost-saving potential and the need to address food wastage in city-run migrant shelters.

However, the program has drawn criticism from various quarters, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who labeled it “reprehensible” and criticized the Biden administration’s immigration policies. Despite the backlash, Adams remains steadfast in supporting the initiative, highlighting its potential benefits for local communities and businesses.

The clash between Adams and 50 Cent highlights the nature of the program and its implications for migrant assistance in New York City.