ErMonii is achieving superstar status like Mississippi greats David Ruffin, Big Krit, Twysted Genius, and Sela Ward.

Edward Sanders is a 27-year-old native of Meridian, Mississippi that goes by the stage name ErMonii which is a play on his middle name Earl and his inclination to money. With the combination of both, ER-Money, came the creation of an artist that not only makes exceptional music but one that plants the seed of inspiration in fans worldwide. Coming up in his city, he always had a passion for music and a keen ear for sound. As he continued to delve deeper into the melodies and vibrations of hip hop, he gravitated to musical influences like Future, Gunna, Lil Baby, Rihanna, Saint John, and Kanye West. ErMonii would become motivated to pursue a career in his passion, Music, and with his fire lit inside, he dedicated himself to learn all he could about the industry. This discipline for success led to the finding of his own unique style.

ErMonii would continue to set and surpass goals, until finally perfecting his craft as a producer, recording artist, and audio engineer. Music went from being a topic of interest, to his life. With the release of quality songs, ErMonii grew a fanbase that hasn’t stopped expanding since beginning his journey into the industry. His music has a lasting effect on listeners, creating an amazing musical experience that often times inspires and encourages fans to pursue their dreams. ErMonii has made the step to chase dreams of his own and wants to use his music as a movement to do the same for those that support and push him higher.

Currently, he resides in Atlanta, Ga, making more moves and spreading his sound further. Launching his ErMonii The Product LLC, he builds on the business end along with his artistry. His signature over tracks is his way with words and finding the perfect flow over instrumentals. His music often features exquisite and ambient beats, fronted by passionate and expressive vocals. The combination is a potent mix of sounds on an interstellar plain capable of exuding inspiration through its vibe. From listening to his projects, it is evident that ErMonii pours his very heart into his music. This level of passion has gained him much progress and recognition in the industry. With over 1 million streams alongside the work of multi-platinum music producers Twysted Genius (Deundraeus Portis) and NFL Big Boyy (Joey Bates), ErMonii is smashing milestones. Currently, he is looking to take his career to the next step with a label, engaging in talks with music giants, Sony, Columbian, and Atlantic records.

To date, ErMonii hasn’t disappointed with his music. His single “In Her Life” featuring Leno off his Playology EP hit number 8 on Apple Music and number 90 on billboard heat seekers chart. The project holds tantalizingly crisp compositions over beats reminiscent of slick synth sounds. The lyrical delivery throughout the 5 track EP rides the beats in seamless fashion while ErMonii drops lyrical gems he’s known for. It’s a mix of genius and serenity, switching moods from compelling to intimate and sentimental. Playology has since accumulated 350,000 streams on Spotify and over 3 million streams on Apple Music and ErMonii is already onto plotting his next project.

With spring fast approaching, he plans on releasing his debut album, “I Am ErMonii.” He has already displayed his artistic versatility but intends to go bring an even more refined craft for his debut album. Follow his career and stream his musical catalog while he preps the release of “I Am ErMonii.”

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