Garth Springer, better known by his stage name Big G, is a budding artist from South Florida that has recently made waves in the rap scene with his latest video B L ! C K Y. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Big G started rapping after him and a couple of friends started working out of their homes via a portable studio.

Over the past couple of years, Big G has been steadi putting out music and building a loyal fan base. This momentum lead to his latest video being featured on World Star Hip Hop andNo Jumper. No Jumper’s host, Adam 22, went and gave the video a thumbs up saying he would keep Big G on his radar.

Since the release of his single and video on 9/25, B L ! C K Y has garnered around 150k YouTube views and over 50k Streams.

Today we had an exclusive chance to interview the artist:

ARN: What is your legal name and age?
Big G: Garth Springer and I am 31.

ARN: How did you come up with a stage name?
Big G: Growing up my boy use to always call me Big G. We used to always make music at his crib and he would always call me Big G and say that’s my rap name. So I been running with it since.

ARN: Where are you from?
Big G: Trinidad and Tobago.

ARN: Where are you now?
Big G: Currently I am living in Miami, FL.

ARN: Why did you first start making music?
Big G: I used to always freestyle with my boys and enjoyed doing it. One of my main boys that I freestyled with was Dante. He used to always tell me to take this a bit more serious and make full songs. Then one day he brought over a portable studio to my crib. Once that happened I started cooking and it’s been over since then.

ARN: Who would you say inspired you the most, as an artist?
Big G: I Can’t lie when I came to America from Trinidad I heard the slim shady album and Nelly album and fell In love with rap.

ARN: Talk me through your creative process.
Big G: Well, I come up with my hooks at home, then I go the studio and come up with the rest of the records. No Cap, I typically make the songs in 10-15 minutes.

ARN: Do you remember the first rhyme you wrote?
Big G: Yes it was a song called good girls with me and two of my boys.

ARN: Where and how do you work best?
Big G: At home but I can honestly work anywhere. A lot of my hooks and songs were made in different places. I like draw inspiration from wherever I’m at.

ARN: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your music?
Big G: I get tons of compliments which definitely gives me energy to keep going. However, the best compliments are when people pay me for verses,hooks, or to write for them. It Let me know I’m doing something right.

ARN: What was your inspiration for your latest single B L ! C K Y?
Big G: To be honest the hook just came to me as soon as I heard the beat.

ARN: The video for your last single seems like it was really fun to make. What was the inspiration behind it?
Big G: The video idea really came from my engineer Dshim. Dshim and Alexia shot it. Alexia is my video girl. I really wanted a different concept from my last videos and she helped bring it to life.

ARN: If you could work with anyone right now in the industry, who would it be?
Big G: Young thug cuz slime the goat of this generation.

ARN: Who can you say has been the biggest help so far for you in this music industry?
Big G: My team, Dshim, Kendon, debo, alexia the goat shot it, my brother Tek Vybez, and most importantly my supporters; the people bumpin.