Today we had an exclusive chance to interview Lil 6at (pronounced “Lil 6at”):

ARN: Where are you from?
Lil 6at: I was born in Savannah GA and moved to Atlanta right after high school. Eventually I moved to Manhattan NY and lived there for a year then moved to LA and been here for 1 year and 2 months.

ARN: What’s your latest release?
Lil 6at: Bankroll 6at it’s a 4 song EP produced by bankroll got it. Gucci Store seems to be popular off it.

ARN: What’s your best advice for handling criticism?
Lil 6at: Be yourself don’t let no one tell you how to live or how to be you only live one life and it go by quickly.

ARN: Tell us something about you that your audience does not know?
Lil 6at: I love jumping out of planes it’s fun I like the adrenaline when you first jump but then it smoothes out with in 6 seconds.

ARN: What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?
Lil 6at:Don’t trust to many people who already in the industry most of them not genuinely on your side. They’ll use who they know as a reason you should pay them but get little services from them.

ARN: Who influenced you most through out your career?
Lil 6at: My homie lil boom. He showed me being yourself foreal gets you further than copying and being another artist that makes the same music. And to just try to stand out with being yourself.

ARN: What’s the best part about being an artist?
Lil 6at: Creating in the studio. I can make a song in 10mins I can tell my story on a beat and it sound good and match the beat and know my fans would like to hear it.

ARN: Have there been many obstacles in your career?
Lil 6at: Yes I been in the army. My whole army career was my obstacle I even deployed to Afghanistan and missed out on certain opportunities.

ARN: Has COVID-19 impacted your creative process?
Lil 6at: Not at all. It made me realize what I need to do to make it further with my music career and what I should invest my time into knowing it’s a new industry everything is digital and virtual so I need to be able to cross brand my self in the entertainment world.