Rising artist Triipy36 is one of hip hop’s most eyed rappers to be the next to create an unstoppable buzz in the industry. Being from Miami, FL, Triipy36 aims to continue the musical legacy of his city. Today we had an exclusive chance to interview the artist:

What was it like getting such good feedback on your first release Arab Kid? We saw that Rick Ross liked your video as well. How does that feel as an artist?
It always feels good to have people talk about my music good or bad because I know it’s getting talked about. The fact that Rick Ross recognized my work and actually liked it is a feeling that’s indescribable. He’s a Miami legend and I’m Miami born and raised so that’s a huge accomplishment for me.

I know you are gearing up to release you next project. What can we expect from you this time around?
My new project is called “street melodies” this tape is a singing tape but still got that gangsta taste to it. With the direction the music industry is moving I plan on being versatile with my music and flows but still plan on having those jaw dropping punch lines.

Does the project have any key features or production?
This tape has a feature from “Verz” he has a famous YouTube video that blew up when he was younger of him freestyling sounding like Lil Wayne, Drake, Eminem, and Ludacris.

What are you hoping fans feel when they listen to you new project?
I hope they feel that warm fuzzy feeling inside when you hear someone sing about they real life and what’s really going on. All my songs are freestyle and never written so people could really feel me and what I’m going through.

We see that you are a pretty animated character on social media. To be honest, your quite funny. Where does this bigger than life persona come from?
I’ve been in the darkest places before for many years in my life. Depression, drug addiction, homelessness and just being young and lost in the streets. I’ve over come all that and still push every day to do better so I just appreciate life so much cause I’m really not suppose to be here in the sense of I should’ve been in prison for life or dead multiple times.

Who are you listening to most right now?
Right now I’m mostly listening to Rylo Rodriguez and Lil Durk because with this newest tape I’m releasing “street melodies” I wanted to listen to the realest rappers that talk about their real life situations but are able to deliver it in a more melodic way than rap.

Tell us something about yourself that your audience might now know?
I play basketball and yes I ball. I’ve played organized basketball growing up and play almost everyday at the park by my house.

Has COVID-19 impacted your creative process?
Since I freestyle all my music COVID19 has impacted the fact that I can’t go out for the night then go to the studio and rap about what I just did so I had to kinda get myself back out there.

What’s your best advice for handling criticism?
I love criticism as weird as it sounds it literally makes me better. Ive received so much criticism especially from my main engineer D. Shim and I thank him for that cause that’s what made me the artist I am today.