When did producing music become a passion for you?

Sound design and music production have always piqued my interest. Even as a child, I found myself fascinated with the art form. When I became an adult, I decided to create the type of records I wanted to hear in the world.

You’ve produced an impressive number of records throughout your career. We also heard your music made the transition into TV & Film as well. Can you name a few projects you’ve worked on for us?

I’ve musically contributed to Training Day, You Got Served, America’s Top Model, Empire, Rosewood, Bad Girls Club, and Grownish (to name a few). Recently, I secured placement on the official playlist for David Makes Man, curated by Rashida Watler of Super Femina Entertainment for OWN.

We had a chance to check out the David Makes Man playlist and would like to congratulate you on your latest joint venture. The heavy synth-based track Exodus 1863 and the percussion-driven Bonus Beat certainly stood out for us. Can you tell us about the creative process when making them?

They were both produced at the historic Spiral Recording Studio in New Orleans, Louisiana using a Kurzweil. I decided on using analog gear so the records would have some character and depth. For example, the lack of drums on the verses of Exodus 1863 is a strategic move to build tension. So when they finally drop on the chorus, it makes for a satisfying experience for the listener. Bonus Beat is just an overall chill, laid-back vibe. The sound of the Kurzweil keys alone will automatically set your mind at ease.

How was it working at Spiral Recording Studio?

I felt nothing but great vibes working there. A lot of timeless music with No Limit Records was recorded and mixed at Spiral. The way Carlos (C-Los Beats) Stephens designed the space allowed us to enjoy the environment and natural acoustics it had to offer. One of Westbank’s best-kept secrets for sure.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the people before we wrap this up?

You can catch the exclusive visuals for Exodus 1863 and Bonus Beat on VEVO. Also, check out the David Makes Man (Season 2) playlist on Spotify. We hope you enjoy the vibe!

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