An aspiring rapper, Allante DeBrill chose dinner with Boosie Badazz instead of a $20K payout.

What’s worse? Declining $20K, or declining $20K to have dinner with Boosie? Well, the rapper posted the question on Twitter to his followers and one lucky fan chose the dinner. A story in four parts, Boosie initially tweeted, “I GOT A QUESTION FOR YALL LET SEE WHO SMART!! DINNER WITH BOOSIE OR 20 THOUSAND!?.” Los Angeles fan, Allante DeBrill shocked both followers and Boosie when he opted for dinner over the $20K payout. “F*ck 20k!! What’s for dinner I’m otw,” DeBrill responded. Boosie even tried to talk him into taking the money but his advice fell on deaf ears. In a short DM conversation, DeBrill noted that collecting on the dinner was the easiest decision he’s ever made. In addition to dinner (with no food in sight), DeBrill did end up getting a feature on a Boosie track but even that doesn’t sound like much of a reward. 

The question posed by Boosie originally stemmed from the iconic question “would you rather $500K, or dinner with JAY-Z” a while back. Most smart people would take the money and run, but some believe that dinner with Hov would be far more fruitful. But, what those diehard fans fail to realize is that much of Hov’s success requires having money. But, go off. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

The aspiring rapper not only got a feature from Boosie but he also appears in the visual for his song “Run It Up 2.0”. For many, $20K would’ve been the easiest decision to make but DeBrill had other plans. Hopefully, it was worth it.