While some of us still crave pre-pandemic normalcy Atlanta based artist Kalavonii
appreciated the time of self discovery and creative isolation.

Known for her candid honesty and energetic personality on and off social platforms, Kalavonii is bringing vibrance, appeal and versatility to music with her
upcoming debut EP “Chameleon”, set to release 1/11/2022. Featuring singles like “NASTY” and “DM”. With a bouncy beat and head-nodding hook “NASTY” is already an instant replay. These records are certified heavy-hitters of a woman unapologetically speaking her mind without remorse or censorship. Kalavoniis skills as a multifaceted artist shine through as she continues to
hone her distinct sound.

Growing up in the arts and as the eldest of seven, her taste palette for music was seasoned by artists different people she lived with would play. From 90’s jams her mother would chant, to country music her grandmother had on repeat, and raunchy 80’s hits from Millie Jackson her aunt would blast on Saturday mornings. But it wasn’t until Kalavonii left home at the age of fifteen where she found her love for rap and hip hop. Living out west in California, Arizona, and Texas all by the age of eighteen Kalavonii decided to trail blaze it back east to the Black Mecca, Atlanta. Looking to write her next chapter she started from the bottom and achieved her goals one by one out of mud and grit. Once creating a level of comfort for herself she got back to writing, creating and free-styling on jazz beats on social platforms. After taking the time out of 2021 to shape her sound and reevaluate her goals in music, she’s back delivering raunchy punchlines. While also engaging with storytelling, infectious hooks, and tactical metaphors.

“We can’t let the guys have all the fun. I love male rap/hip-hop, but lets be honest men can talk about anything, from drugs, loving and leaving women, blowing a bag or their toxic masculinity and they’ll get praises for all of it. Women on the other hand if we talk about our bodies alone to much we get placed in a category, as if we only find our worth in what others think of us or something. Well I’m here to say scratch all that you’ve been told. Say and do as you please, appreciate and deem yourself worthy and a middle finger to whoever is judging you in the process” says the artist.

With hip-hop finally embracing women more Kalavonii is excited to put it all on the line. Working best under pressure, she welcomes all music has to offer with open arms and is hitting the pavement running.




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