Freddie Gibbs and DJ Akademiks will never get along, and have made it a tradition to jab at each other on Twitter.

If you have ever been involved with or observed hip-hop Twitter, then you are surely aware of the long-standing beef between Freddie Gibbs and DJ Akademiks. They have made it clear they do not like one another, constantly questioning each other’s toughness.

The latest chapter of the beef between the two commenced this past week, resulting in a days-long squabble. The war of wards first began when Akademiks tweeted a video of rappers Kay Flock and Ron Suno engaging in a fight at New York Rolling Loud last weekend. Gibbs quoted the video humorously saying: “I hope you post it when I run into you.”

Then, the flood gates opened, and the pair traded shot back and forth for days.

After another long shift on Twitter beefing with Akademiks yesterday, it seems like Gibbs woke up today feeling energized and ready to attack. He let off a handful of insults at Akademiks earlier today before Akademiks finally responded to a claim that Freddie engaged in relations with a woman that Akademiks was fond of.

From there, several back-and-forth shots were levied by Gibbs and Akademiks against one another, as the bout would last over two hours with active participation. Whether it was memes about a boxing match between the two, accusations about threatening women, memes about funerals and sleeping due to boredom or accusations about using the beef for album promotion, today’s episode had it all.

At one point, they both referenced Lil Nas X and Boosie Badazz‘s in response to homosexual behavior.

This round of Gibbs versus Akademiks had it all, and then some. Check out the tweets below.