Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist reflected on the success of their collab album, “Alfredo.”

Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist appeared on NPR’s The Formula, this week, to discuss their critically acclaimed collaborative album, Alfredo, and detailed what went into making their hit track, “Skinny Suge.”

Alchemist revealed that some of the music was inspired by A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip.

Freddie Gibbs, Alchemist
Jacopo M. Raule / Getty Images

Gibbs praised Alc’s work on the beats as something that allowed him to operate freely when crafting the lyrics: “The beats on the album let me be so free, I was rapping so good, I wasn’t even worried about structure. I don’t even think I wrote a hook! There wasn’t nothing pretty about this shit. That’s why … we dressed this shit up, put a bowtie on it, and took it to the Grammys.”

He continued: “That’s amazing! That just shows you this real rap shit ain’t dead. You can do what you wanna do and still be put up there with the top [artists in the game].”

Alfredo marked the second full-length project on which the two artists collaborated, following 2018’s Fetti.

Gibbs didn’t confirm specifics for a follow-up to Alfredo, but did joke that it will be recorded in Hawaii: “Next [album] I want to go to Hawaii. We can record in Hawaii. I’m going to bring in like 20 strippers. I need it for my mindset.”