Ed Lover called out French Montana for his recent comparison between the NBA and hip hop.

Ed Lover slammed French Montana during a recent interview with DJ Vlad for saying that it’s easier to become an NBA player than it is to become a successful rapper. Lover also said that Damian Lillard is a better rapper than Montana.

“You’re better off making it in the NBA than Hip Hop,” French said on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, last month. “NBA, they got like what, 28 teams … 15 players on every team? And that’s in the hundreds. You talk about Hip Hop, you can’t even name 10 people that’s hot every couple months. The odds … anybody can do it if it was easy.”

French Montana, Ed Lover
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Speaking with Vlad for an interview published Thursday, Lover responded by telling Montana to “please shut the fuck up.”

He continued: “No way. Do you know how many dudes played high school basketball? Do you know how many dudes played college basketball that never get drafted into the NBA? You can have a half-assed song and become a rap star, we seen it a million times.”

“I’ll tell you something right now and I’ll prove it to you French Montana,” he added. “Damian Lillard got better rap skills than you got homie, yeah I said it. IF you give me MC to MC Damian Lillard will bust French Montana ass, yeah I said it. It ain’t nothing against you French, I like your records but that statement? Fuck out of here son.”

Check out Lover’s discussion on Vlad TV below.