G-Eazy honors his late mother on “Angel.”

The heartfelt track, which he created with a close circle of friends, coincides with her first birthday since she passed last fall. G-Eazy shares his pain as he grapples with the loss of his best friend.

“Can’t stop bleeding but I hide these holes / Just a facade that people want to see,” he sings. “If they took the time to look closely, I’m in agony / Till I met an angel who told me she knew someone who looked just like me.”

“Grief can be a difficult thing to navigate. It’s definitely not a linear process and it comes at you in waves,” G-Eazy said. “There will never be enough words to describe the feeling of losing your best friend, or the desire to see them again. In a literal sense, I tried to capture that feeling of longing in the lyrics of the song.”

He continued, “But ‘Angel’ is so much more than a song or a tribute. My mom was more than just my mom, she was everyone’s mom. She was everyone’s teacher. She was everyone’s inspiration. Nothing made her happier than loving people and sharing her creativity with the world. Her energy continues to live on through me, through those she connected with, and through those she inspired.”

G-Eazy has launched The Dandelion Scholarship, an annual college scholarship in honor of his mom, which will award $15,000 to one college-bound high school senior pursuing an arts major. The recipient will be announced on April 15, his mother’s birthday, each year.

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