Multi-talented REGALJASON has once again outdone himself with a banging new track called “Already Won,” an emotional expression towards people, God and himself.

The incredible song features REGAL’s best vocal work so far, with his range evolving day by day. Lyrics any artist would die for, “Already Won” has some of the most emotionally profound words that connect the listener to the artist’s message. Accompanied by a thrilling music video, REGAL does a great job of directing the music video himself, featuring futuristic sequences and top notch editing techniques. 

Unafraid of experimenting, the artist is always looking to evolve his style and develop new sub-genres with his resourceful creativity. Following up on the powerful single “Empire,” which has amassed tens of thousands of plays on streaming platforms, REGALJASON is looking to expand his brilliant catalogue with an amazing track called “Already Won,” now available to purchase and stream.
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