The415Fortune is a Hip-Hop artist originally from Marin County, California, but currently living in Nashville, Tennesse. His interest in rapping started back in 7th grade as a young teen. While riding a city bus to school, he encountered a youngster, roughly the same age, flexing his lyrical muscle as onlookers spectated in approval. Igniting his hidden passion, Fortune started gathering the tools needed to express himself vocally. That was the starting point of his musical journey.

Being raised on the West Coast and in the South for most of his youth, he found inspiration studying the greats of his time (DMX, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Nappy Roots, and Mac Dre, to name a few). Buying his time while finding his voice, he began crafting the energetic and aggressive style we hear today.

His newest single, Gone Til November (ft. Haystak), is currently available on all music streaming platforms. The boastful track is just a brief glimpse of what’s to come. Fortune plans on dropping his next single Push N Shove on July 22nd, followed by Yard Talk shortly after. So stick around and try not to drown in the flood of music dropping soon.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow Fortune on Instagram and Facebook @the415fortune.

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