Gucci Mane is still debating whether or not he should go through with his decision to leave Atlantic Records and become an independant artist.

Gucci Mane asked his fans for some advice about his current situation regarding his record deal with Atlantic after he recently declared that he was leaving. For the past few weeks, Gucci has been toying with the idea of officially becoming an independant artist once he drops his forthcoming album, So Icy Summer, on July 3rd. Initially, he had announced that he was leaving Atlantic after calling them out for being “polite racist” in a since-deleted tweet. Then, earlier this week, he teased that he would be “announcing my new situation” on the same day that So Icy Summer is set to be released.

gucci mane atlantic records independent so icy summer deal labelMaddie Meyer/Getty Images

However, the following day, Gucci appeared to be a little more conflicted. While it seemed as though he had come to a definite conclusion—stay with Atlantic or go independant—it looks like he’s starting to have doubts, or maybe he just never settled on a decision and wants his fans’ perspective before he does.

“Should I renew contract with @Atlantic records or go independent big press conference July 3rd who should do interviews???” he asked his Twitter followers on Thursday (June 25th). It looks like we may just have to wait until next Friday to find out what Gucci’s going to end up doing. Regardless of what he decides, we’ll still be getting some hot summer bangers from the rapper.

Who’s excited for So Icy Summer?