A shooting at a nightclub in South Carolina where Foogiano was booked to perform resulted in the death of Mykala Ball.

Over the weekend, a concert shooting at South Carolina club made headlines across the world after it was reported that two people died and eight were injured. Lavish Lounge was hosting a concert for Gucci Mane‘s artist Foogiano on the 4th of July that day. Shortly after the incident occurred, it was believed that he and his crew were responsible, though he’s now taken to Instagram to dispel the rumors.

Foogiano recently shared a 3 minute video to his Instagram addressing the recent concert shooting. Though he explained that he spoke to the victim’s family, he also attempted to clear his name from any involvement in the incident. “Y’all on here tryna bash me like I’m just a savage ass killer or something. Like I just killed this girl,” he said. “One, I’ve talked to her baby daddy. He called me. We got a good understanding. There was no hiding, feel me? I did not leave. I stayed in South Carolina the same night, you feel me? I talked to everybody that I needed to talk to. Stop bashing me like I’m just out here shooting people.”

“Y’all seen videos so what happened happened but that shit ain’t my fault. I don’t promote violence,” he said. “My biggest condolences to that girl and her family. I talked to her baby daddy and told him. Anybody that knows him, get in touch with him”

Though he’s denied that he was involved in the shooting, the Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis said they believe it’s Foogiano’s affiliates that the ones behind the shooting.

“From watching some of the video footage from in there, most of it may be from, maybe some of his staff,” Lewis told Greenville News on Sunday. “I wouldn’t call them followers. They were probably traveling with him, but I don’t think he was directly involved.”