The Grammy-winning told the story during an appearance on “New Rory & MAL”

Back in August, following the release of Nas and Hit-Boy‘s King’s Disease 2, footage from an album release after-party hit the internet and showed the Grammy award-winning producer sending a couple subliminals at Kanye West. 

With Nas by his side, Hit-Boy grabbed the mic and let Yeezy have it. 

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

It’s not a hundred n****s producing the beat,” he said. “It’s not a hundred n****s writing the rhymes, n***a. It’s two n****s in the studio. I hear this sh*t right now, homie. It’s going down. King’s Disease II. Stream that sh*t, buy that sh*t.”

Hit-Boy continued. 

“There be n****s in the studio. It’s just me and bro, bro. Do y’all hear this sh*t? It’s just me and this n***a in the studio. He’s barred up, I’m making beats. No hooplah. We not on f*ckin’ Twitter botherin’ y’all. We not on IG Live putting a weird-ass stream up, n***a. We doin’ this sh*t for real though, n***a! Stop playin’!,” he screamed into the mic. 

During a recent appearance on New Rory & MAL, Hit-Boy addressed the rant, and revealed that Jay-Z emailed him and told him to stay humble. 

Explaining that he was “blitzed off the Henny,” the King’s Disease producer said he was trying to convey just how good he and Nas had gotten at making music together, and after Ye’s bizarre livestream from Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, he just wanted to know who was making what. But he admitted the message was not presented in the way he wished it had been. And when Jay-Z caught wind of the rant, he reportedly emailed Hit-Boy on some “‘You don’t even gotta do all that, man. This shit hard, I fuck with the album. You talented, stay humble’ type shit.” 

Hit-Boy paraphrased exactly what Hov told him after seeing the rant, but whatever he said had an impact. While Hit-Boy and Ye have worked together in the past, issues involving working with Beyoncé created a divide between them. Where Hit-Boy had no problem going at Ye, it’s clear that his Watch The Throne collaborator had enough sway and influence to de-escalate that situation before it became anything more. 

Check out Hit-Boy’s full appearance on New Rory & MAL wherever you listen to podcasts and let us know what you think of his comments on the Ye situation down below.