In the digital marketing arena, Lavall Chichester drops beats like a seasoned MC, standing tall in the game. He ain’t just any marketer; think of him as the master DJ spinning the SEO and Content Marketing decks, making those search rankings jump and content flow. With a track record that’s got heavy hitters like Apple and MoneyLion vibing to his strategies, he’s the go-to guru for brands looking to top the charts. And when it comes to amplifying the scene for icons like The Hip Hop Museum (THHM), Lavall’s the architect behind their website, making sure their legacy pops in the digital streets.

Lavall had a career in advertising and technology spanning two decades, making AdAge’s 40 under 40 list, before he embarked on his journey as an entrepreneur. In January 2023, he made the decision to leave his job and fully dedicate himself to his company, Growth Skills. This leap of faith proved fruitful, with his company generating over $1.2 million in revenue. Alongside providing assistance to clients, Growth Skills has also garnered multiple accolades along the way, including winning Search Engine Land’s Best SEO Innovative and U.S Search Awards most Innovative SEO Campaign. It can be attributed, at least in part, to his martial arts background which instilled discipline and perseverance. These qualities have been instrumental in overcoming any obstacles he encounters.

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Learning about SEO had a big impact on Lavall’s life. Alongside assisting clients, Growth Skills, also focuses on educating individuals about SEO and digital marketing. He strongly believes that the education system should improve the teaching methods regarding these subjects, which he saw firsthand during his time as a guest lecturer at New York University (NYU) and a Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) professor at Baruch College. Consequently, he developed Learning IQ, a video based platform dedicated to providing knowledge on SEO and digital marketing. His primary objective is to ensure that this valuable information reaches individuals in minority communities who might be unaware of these opportunities.


Lavall’s journey has been challenging. While working in advertising, he sometimes felt like an outsider, being the only Black person in many meetings. He worked hard, even when some didn’t think he belonged there. These experiences fueled his push to excel and achieve more. As a business owner, he faces challenges like dealing with the market fluctuations, finding the right people for his team, and managing stress. But to him, it’s all worth it.

Lavall believes being self-taught is a great advantage. As the CEO of Growth Skills, Lavall is very hands-on in the work. He helps build websites, works on SEO, and leads marketing strategies for his clients. He has a unique approach that combines SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). He helps clients appear at the top of search results in free listings and paid ads.

Lavall also believes learning how to learn is a superpower. He learned to learn in the Dojo (Karate School) and his second degree black belt is a testament to that. This ability to learn helps him quickly adopt new technology, like ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (A.I), which he uses to help his business and clients. His ability to adapt and learn has been crucial in his career and business. He is even writing a book to share his insights on learning. Lavall wants to show people that learning new things can change your life because no one can take your skills away from you, nor your ability to learn and grow.

Aside from SEO and marketing, Lavall is involved in other exciting projects. He’s working on Flavor Fix, the first media platform built to help people learn about cannabis, CBD, and alcohol. It’s like a mix of Yelp and Etsy. His company, Growth Skills, is investing in, which is the first online school that teaches people how to breakdance. Growth Skills also runs Urban Income and These projects aim to help people improve their income and fight hate on the internet, respectively.

Lavall’s path in digital marketing hits with an inspiring beat. He’s a self-made maestro, mastering the business and dropping knowledge that changes the game. With his fresh take on SEO and marketing, and a vibe for sharing the wisdom, he’s laying down tracks that are shaping the digital marketing scene.