With “Trainwreck,” the opening track to their brilliant debut, IMMUNITY cast music in the role of a temperamental escape. Their music perfectly conveys the need for self-expression in a destructive tango with frustration and epiphany. The German duo re-emerges with a song that further contemplates this unpleasant conflict of brutality and violence, one surely colored by their own unique sounds and talents.

On “Trust The Algorithm,” their desire to create something pure and complex is governed by the realities of their stern and robust vocals and music. Atop an eerie, harsh synthesizer embellished by twinkling electric guitar notes, the band seemingly transfers emotions.

The music video revolves around a live stream of a mass shooting, captured by a terrorist. Signifying the state of intense ailment our modern societies are currently exhibiting.

The music video is directed by Wesley TC Howard, and the main actor is Christopher Köberlein.
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