J. Cole announces the first two singles from “The Fall Off” will be dropping tomorrow at 10 pm.

It’s about that time. Though J. Cole‘s long-awaited album The Fall Off has yet to receive an official date, it feels as if the board has been set. Now, the first pieces have started moving. Cole took to Twitter to announce the imminent arrival of the album’s first two singles, “The Climb Back” and “Lion King On Ice,” both of which are set to drop tomorrow night at 10 PM.

Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

In keeping with tradition, “The Climb Back” is produced entirely by Cole, though “Lion King On Ice” also features production from T-Minus and Jetson, whose presence suggests a possible banger. If that wasn’t enough, Cole also provided some possible artwork, though it’s unclear as to whether the image will serve as the final cover. Unlikely, given that the album appears to still be a work-in-progress.

“No date for the album yet, taking my time, still finishing,” writes Cole, and while that might mean a slight delay, it’s good to see him opting for a more methodical approach. In the meantime, however, keep an eye out for the first two singles, his first drops since the controversial “Snow On Tha Bluff.” Check back tomorrow at 10 PM EST, for the opening chapters of The Fall Off.