One of J. Cole’s new songs, “Lion King On Ice,” features a few bars that many believe were meant for Lil Pump.

Is J. Cole having an “I told you so!” moment with Lil Pump? That’s what people think is happening.

Releasing a doublet of new songs last night, J. Cole kept true to his promise and delivered some new magic during the lead-up to his upcoming album The Fall Off. Upon analyzing his lyrics in one of the tracks, “Lion King On Ice,” fans of the North Carolina native believe he may be targeting his lines toward one rapper in particular.

“N***a dissed me/It was nonsense/I sat ’em down like his father/My n***a asked, ‘Why you bother?’/We shoulda caught him and mobbed him/I said, ‘We gotta move smarter,’” says Cole. Remember when he had an entire conversation with Lil Pump on camera, trying to warn him about what he needs to do to continue to strive? Well, people think that these bars are meant for the Florida character and they have a good point.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

He continued, “Don’t want be the reason for one more sad song/I tried to warn n***as they wouldn’t last long/I hope that you see how they came and they went/They shots never hit but they made their attempts/May have a good year like their name on a blimp/But you know what it take to be poppin’ this long.”

Listen to “Lion King On Ice” below and let us know if you think these lyrics were designed for Lil Pump.