Jacquees had some thoughts about Miguel’s fans saying it was “disrespectful” to even propose that Jacquees could hold up to Miguel in a “Verzuz” battle.

Jacquees has responded to Miguel‘s fans claiming that the suggestion that the two artists should face off in a “Verzuz” battle was “disrespectful” to Miguel. During an interview with The Shade Room on the 2020 BET virtual red carpet this weekend, Jacquees was asked how he felt about the idea of a “Verzuz” battle again Miguel. “A lot of Miguel fans got offended,” the interviewer tells him. “They thought it was disrespectful to Miguel.” Jacquees notes that his fans also thought the proposed pair-up was disrespectful, too. “Why would you compare Miguel to Jacquees?” he asks. “Those are two different types of artists.”

While Jacauees doesn’t exactly disagree with Miguel’s fans insisting that they aren’t a good match, it’s not because he thinks Miguel is the better artist, of course. “Like Miguel, I’ve never met him but to me that’s the homie…I don’t think you could compare me and Miguel,” he asserts. “We’re not a comparison. You could compare Miguel and The Weeknd.”

miguel jacquees versus battle reaction objection fans disrespectParas Griffin/Getty Images for Revolt

“You can’t compare Jacquees to Miguel, it’s two different types of artists,” he reiterates. “‘Cause I’ve seen people saying like, ‘Miguel better than Jacquees.’ But I don’t think nobody better than me. I just think everybody is who they is in they own lane, like he’s great at what he does. I’m great at what I do. He can’t do what I do. We got two different things. I probably can’t do some of the things that he do. That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes him Miguel, and that’s what makes me Jacquees.”

miguel jacquees versus battle reaction objection fans disrespectTimothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Moët & Chandon

He’s then asked, as the self-proclaimed “King of R&B,” who he feels could go hit-for-hit against him in a battle. “Nobody,” he replies. “Nobody of my generation, ‘cause I said ‘King of R&B’ of my generation. I just think I’ma battle myself right now and keep getting better.”

Do you think Miguel and Jacquees are worthy opponents? Or is there another artist that’s better suited for either of them?