Jimmy Fallon mixes Christmas spirit with vaccinations.

Jimmy Fallon, actor, comedian, and host of The Tonight Show, teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion and Ariana Grande to produce a brand new song for the holiday season, “It Was A… (Masked Christmas).”

In an interview with the Associated Press following the release of the new Christmas collab, Fallon said, “I almost feel like I’m Beyoncé or Drake. I’ve always wanted to surprise drop a single and now it’s happening. This is crazy what life is.”

Gotham/Getty Images

The song, which features two major artists, pokes fun at celebrating Christmas during the pandemic. Fallon encourages people to get their booster shots so that upcoming holidays will not have to be spent in quarantine or via Zoom video.

Fallon took to Twitter to express his excitement for the piece finally coming together. “This is the best present I’m going to receive all year!! Thank you to my besties @arianagrande and @theestallion,” he tweeted.

This trio is definitely familiar with each other, too. They’ve all worked together in some form or fashion previously– Jimmy and Megan Thee Stallion collaborated for a rendition of “Hot Girl Fall,” which premiered on The Tonight Show back in September 2019. It was a comedy-driven duet that talked about pie-baking and back-to-school supplies. Ariana Grande also featured the H-Town Hottie on her single “34+35.” The song, which included Doja Cat, climbed its way up the Billboard charts after being released.

Ariana and Megan also took to Twitter to show their love for the song. Grande said, “The most fun ever. love you !!! both so much.” Megan echoed their sentiments with a simple, “Love y’all.”

Overall, it seems Fallon’s main goal with the festive music video is to encourage people to take the necessary steps in ending the spread of the virus. He told AP, “If we can get people to get the booster or get the vaccine, that’d be amazing. If not, hopefully it just makes people smile or have a great time.”

Watch the official video for the song below.