While discussing August Alsina’s latest album and speaking on being a fan of the singer’s music, Joe Budden made a few controversial statements.

A bit of commentary Joe Budden had about August Alsina on his recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast wasn’t received well by the singer’s fans. Joe Budden is known to cause some controversy over remarks he makes on his shows, and his most recent jokes and observations about August Alsina rubbed a few people the wrong way. First, Budden made it clear that he is a fan of August and then “joked” that Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk was birthed because of the singer’s public conversation with the actress.

Joe Budden, August Alsina
Brian Ach / Stringer/ Getty Images

According to Budden, August Alsina was “misleading people to think that it might have been something with him and… That was corny, I didn’t like that,” the host said. As far as The Product III: State of Emergency is concerned, Budden said he only purchased a handful of songs from the 27-track record that he liked and wouldn’t buy the entire record. “This is not Chris Brown where I’m just going to buy your forty songs. I’m not doing that.” He admitted he’d purchased nine tracks.

A fan tweeted August and told him that Budden called him “messy,” but Budden wanted to clear things up. “I’m seeing that i may be in some August smoke over my commentary… not sure how cuz all I’ve been playing since Friday is August sh*t, but y’all have fun, i know the game lol,” Budden wrote. August replied that it was all good. Check out The Joe Budden Podcast and the tweets below.