Joey Bada$$ is returning with new music this Friday.

Fans have been begging for new music and now, Joey Bada$$ is making his return after a brief break from the spotlight. The rapper hit the ‘Gram yesterday after clearing his page and marked the return. Now, he came back with some affirmation that we will indeed get some new music this Friday. The rapper revealed another piece of artwork along with the titles of three new tracks he’ll release this Friday as part of The Light Pack

“It’s been 3 long years, so how bout 3 new songs for your Mind, Body & Soul? LOVE to you ALL,” he wrote along with the artwork. The three songs, “The Light,” “No Explanation,” and “Shine,” represent the Soul, Mind, and Body, respectively. Included in the center of the tracklisting is the same symbol he shared yesterday upon announcing the release of new music on Friday.

It appears that Joey Bada$$ will be readying to return with an album soon and The Light Pack serves as an appetizer of sorts. It’s been roughly three years since the release of his album All-AmeriKKKan Bada$$. With all the new developments in his life, including becoming a father, we’re sure this new bundle of songs will give us a bit of insight of Joey’s artistic and personal growth over the years.