Growing up in an environment influenced by the streets, JuggBoi Kese keeps it real and authentic in his latest single, “Code Of Silence.”

Newark, Ohio native Tykese Bonner came up through a rough upbringing, enduring hardships with his mother trying to make ends meet in section 8. Seeking better for himself and his family, he turned to a life in the streets, selling drugs at just 14-years-old. Grinding and experiencing the dangers and violence of the environment he was in, he held authentic stories that captured the lifestyle of someone who made it through the trenches.

In time, Tykese adopted the stage name JuggBoi Kese and took to the mic to use music as an outlet to flip the negatives of everything he’s gone through, into an opportunity to come up in the rap game in a positive light. His songs were real, raw, vivid depictions of his life experiences that inspired audiences through his hustle and grind. Soon, JuggBoi Kese was working with platinum producers like Timmydahitman and Tntxd among others, and being featured on major radio stations like 106.7 FM.

Recently, his name has yet again been the talk of the rap community with the release of his latest single, “Code Of Silence.” JuggBoi Kese’s smooth melodic flow and masterful wordplay over the beat relays a real-life experience of a family member and close friend turning into a confidential informant on one of JuggBoi Kese’s relatives. The song is as real as it gets, speaking on a code that is one of, if not the most sacred in the streets. One listen, and “Code Of Silence” is sure to be on your playlist on repeat. Chill, and mellow, yet packed with such depth and realism, it’s truly a work of art by JuggBoi Kese.

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