Rapper DaBaby will not be charged in the shooting of a trespasser on his property. 


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No Charges For DaBaby

DaBaby, born Jonathan Kirk,  is reportedly cleared of charges after shooting a trespasser on his property last month. 

In legal documents, the Iredell County D.A. concluded that there will be no charges against the “Suge” rapper.

In response to the shooting last month, DaBaby blamed the media for posting celebrities’ business on social media.  He said that the constant attention on rappers’ lives actually fuels these types of attacks.

“Media telling niggas business be the main reason niggas get fye put on em”

How DaBaby Used George Zimmerman’s “Stand Your Ground” Law To Exonerate Himself In 2018 Walmart Killing.

Recently, DaBaby’s legal team came out blazing after new footage was obtained of his 2018 Walmart shooting.  The North Carolina rapper invoked the Stand Your Ground law, made famous by Trayvon Martin‘s killer, George Zimmerman.

His defense team, which consists of Drew Findling and Marissa Goldberg, issued a statement saying that the investigators concluded that Kirk was justified in the shooting after seeing the clip in 2018.

The rapper told the police the victim kept stalking him in the store, and threatened him with a firearm.

In his self-defense claim, the embattled rapper invoked North Carolina’s version of the controversial Stand Your Ground law. The law was made famous when George Zimmerman used it to defend his murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012.

DaBaby Overwhelmed By Shooting & Fighting Headlines: “What Do You Want From Me?”

DaBaby took to Instagram to post a plea to the world asking “what more do you want from me?” The rapper has had an eventful past few weeks to say the least and the weight is apparently getting to him.

Seemingly overwhelmed, the controversial artist spoke out. He said:

“n***as done took 30 million from me, lie on me once a week, want my fine ass BM’s to hate me, want me to lose fights I don’t start, WHAT MORE DO U WANT FROM MEEE?