Expect Juelz Santana to be home “real, real, real soon” with some new heat now that he has five notebooks of rhymes under his belt.

His time behind bars is nearing to an end, and soon, Juelz Santana will be back home with his family. The Dipset rapper is serving out his 27-month sentence after being convicted of a weapons charge following an incident that occurred back in 2018. On Friday’s (June 26) episode of Young Money Radio, Lil Wayne shared a brief call from Juelz from behind bars.

Juelz Santana, Release, Jail, Young Money Radio
Paul Hawthorne / Staff / Getty Images

Juelz said that for the last three months, inmates have been locked in their cells because of COVID-19, and only recently have they been allowed out to “mingle.” The rapper added that he’s kept his spirits up, especially now that “this thing is almost over.” Lil Wayne wasn’t able to get on the phone with Juelz himself, but he made sure to send the incarcerated rapper love. Juelz was also asked if there was anything he “wanted to tell the people” so Santana dropped off a message for the masses.

“Appreciate all the love, lotta fanmail,” he said. “I appreciate y’all. My boy Weezy, the whole family. My family for holding it down… Shout out to Meek [Mill]. Meek reached out and tried to put a couple things in motion for me with this whole coronavirus and the compassionate release date. Shout out to everybody.” Juelz Santana added, “I’ll be home real, real, real soon. Like, right around the corner.”

He also stated that he’s been “using his time wisely” and writing new rhymes while behind bars. “I got about five notebooks in this motherf*cker.” Free Juelz.