Kanye West co-produced “INDUSTRY BABY” and told Lil Nas X that it reminded him of his more anthemic songs, like “All Of The Lights.”

Prior to the release of “INDUSTRY BABY,” it was revealed that Lil Nas X’s #1-charting single was co-produced by Take A Daytrip and Kanye West. Marking the first time that Kanye and Lil Nas collaborated, the Atlanta rapper refused to elaborate on the extent of Ye’s work on the record, preferring to remain silent about what he contributed. Now that a few months have gone by since the Jack Harlow-featured song has been out, Take A Daytrip is finally opening up about what Ye did on the song.

In a re-surfaced Rolling Stone interview from earlier this year, Daytrip’s producers explain how Ye was involved in the song, explaining that the track reminded him of his previous anthemic bangers, including “All Of The Lights.”

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“So me and Denzel didn’t get to meet Kanye, but Nas had the opportunity to sit down with him and play him a bunch of records from the album, maybe two months ago now,” said David from the production collective back in September. “Kanye specifically picked out ‘Industry Baby’ and just from what Nas told us, Kanye gravitated to that one just because it reminded him of some of his anthemic moments, like ‘All of the Lights.’ He just wanted to come in and really give it an overall finishing touch. So he came in and helped layer some instruments and really helped beef up the production, and sent us all the parts back, and we were able to take all of those things and place them in, and finish it up with Nas.

Even just the simplicity of that process is a dream come true for us. We both grew up idolizing so many of Kanye’s iconic albums and so many of his moves within those. Being able to be a part of something that Kanye has touched is just…the middle school me is just like…it’s just one of those things that’s truly a dream come true.”

Revisit “INDUSTRY BABY” below and let us know if you want to hear more Lil Nas X x Kanye West collaborations.