Cudi is killing it, as per usual.

Earlier this week, Kid Cudi tweeted, “I am proof [you] can rise from the ashes,” and each and every day the recording artist continues to prove just how true that is.

If you checked out his Amazon Prime Video documentary, A Man Named Scott that premiered a few weeks back, you’ll know firsthand that Scott Mescudi has dealt with his share of struggles over the years, from substance abuse to identity issues. At 37 years old, the “Pursuit of Happiness” singer is happy to share that he’s doing much better, and his career has been undeniably skyrocketing as a testament to that fact.

Fresh off the premiere of his latest film project – Don’t Look Up, also starring Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Lawrence – the father of one has taken to Twitter to announce that he’s got not one, but two new albums on the way.

“Kid Cudi has [two] albums dropping in 2022!!! Entergalactic and another before that super soon. Thank you for this @KidCudi,” someone tweeted early this morning. Just a few hours later, the “Sad People” singer retweeted the post, adding “u got it!” along with a heart and prayer emoji.

Videos from his performance at Rolling Loud Los Angeles last night show the Ohio-born star debuting new music that got the crowd (and fans watching from online) amped up about what’s to come.

Cudi also recently retweeted a video that’s been spreading across the internet of Euphoria actress Zendaya and her boyfriend Tom Holland gushing about how much she loves the singer’s music – particularly his latest drop-off Man On The Moon III: The Chosen. Check it out below.