While he still owns that the phrase was his first, he says “I ain’t married to that sh*t” and vows to come up with another viral expression.

He has spoken out about this a few times on social media and Kodak Black stands by his previous comments. We all witnessed Megan Thee Stallion stir up a wave with her “drive the boast” movement, but many claim that Kodak was the originator of the phrase and deserved credit. The Florida rapper agreed and on a few occasions took to social media to demand Megan give him his flowers.

Earlier this year, Kodak suggested that Megan developed her career off of stealing from him, and in a recent interview with DJ Akademiks for the Off The Record podcast, Kodak discussed his controversy.

Megan Thee Stallion
Tim Mosenfelder / Contributor / Getty Images

“She don’t know me. She’ ain’t gotta say, ‘Oh, thank you for this phrase‘ and sh*t,” said Kodak. “But when it came time for one of them people to like, ask her them little questions on the TV show and it was like, ‘Who came up with that? Like, what rapper came up with that?’ Understand? If that was me and I know like—it’s okay, bro. It’s a damn anthem. I ain’t married to that sh*t. I’ma come out with a new one.”

Kodak admitted that during his career, he “took some sh*t.” He added, “I done did it.” Akademiks egged it on and questioned why Kodak doesn’t receive the credit he deserves and suggested that Megan was not aware that the phrase originated with the Florida star.

“She knew that was from me,” Kodak replied. “‘Cause everybody put that meme out there.” Watch Kodak Black on Off The Record below.