$kyofficial is an up and coming artist in the music world originally from Louisville, Mississippi. He spends most of his time creating new music, networking with other artists in the industry, and expanding upon his core audience and fan base.

After dealing with Epic Records
and a few other labels, $ky is still looking to land himself a deal with one of
the majors. He believes having a machine backing his project would allow his
vision to reach a more vast audience.

His music is a heavy melody of tales every block boy could relate with on some occasion. He touches on everything from street involvement, drugs, to women. Over the last couple of months, $kyofficial been very busy on Soundcloud, releasing an array of music.

His latest song “Remedies” is a smooth sounding track that paints a picture of the everyday struggle one faces on the street. The trance-like vocals add to the total vibe of the song, keeping you tuned in the entire 3 minutes.

For more music, you can check out his Youtube channel (sky Official) as well as his Soundcloud page ($kyOfficial). For more music-related news, booking info, and business inquiries hit him up on Instagram @skyoffical.