The most prolific artists have a deep story to tell, and L-OH-L’s life story is touching hearts and helping to guide souls down a better path that he walked.

Michael Nunez of Lake Charles, Louisiana has seen the true face of mental health throughout his lifetime. Having witnessed the bloodshed and violence of war as a teenager, his mind was warped by the reality of the world we live in. After completing his deployment to Iraq, his return home was accompanied by the scars of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His life spiraled out of control, falling into the addictive hold of drugs and all that came with it. Wandering homeless, his actions were violent in nature, and it seemed like all hope was lost. Still, someone was looking out for Michael, and that someone, was God.

L-OH-L Is a Living Testimony Changing the Lives of Others Through His Music

Over the course of 5 years, Michael went from a past of turmoil to being a family man married with kids and free of drugs. Under the stage name L-OH-L, he decided that music would be his testimony to do for those in darkness what God did for him. The name represents more than simply his moniker, but a symbol of love, laughter, and life. Translated to “Living Off His Love,” it also serves the meaning of laughter to reflect his passion for making person’s laugh and open the door to build a connection.

With his name growing among the hip hop community, L-OH-L became a rising Christian rapper influenced by talented artists like Xay Hill, Aha Gazelle, and Dee-1. Now his home is in San Antonio, Tx where he continues to use his music not only to bring glory to God through his experiences but also to create fun enjoyable music as a Christian. L-OH-L does this through his modernized old-school flow layered with heavy punch lines interweaved with dope delivery and flows. He captures the mind of the youth but also reaches to the OG’s, making him one of the few artists able to create something for everyone.

His latest release, “Chains” featuring Xay Hill was inspired by mental health and the impact it has on his life and society. As a Christian Hip-Hop artist who has gone through the flames, L-OH-L knows the struggles of mental health around the church. Even if he’s saved and doing better, outside eyes from the industry and around him at times judge his shortcomings. Still, he pushes forward to keep growing and the song dives into the struggle of trusting in God even though at times it feels his presence isn’t near. Jesus Christ is at the forefront of his life as his savior who brought him redemption from the path swallowing him whole. Sometimes the walk is hard, but L-OH-L tries to always remain joyful in the midst of struggles and challenges.

L-OH-L hopes to be a source of inspiration for people in Louisiana. He aims to reach out to all burdened under the violence, drugs, and corruption plaguing the city, showing them there’s a better life than gangs, drugs, and the streets. He’s had losses, he’s buried friends dear to his heart, he’s felt pain, but ultimately, he overcame and wishes the same for his friends in the penitentiary, his community, his family, and his kids. L-OH-L continues to be a light in the darkness as an artist giving back and teaching the environment he was fortunate to escape from.

With such a passionate purpose in his music and life, his legacy holds the potential to not only have material awards for his craft in the industry, but also to change the lives of fans across the world.

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