A fan was quickly taken down after storming the stage during Lil Baby’s set.

From the time that “My Dawg” dropped, Lil Baby proved that there was something special about him. This was obviously cemented by the time My Turn dropped and propelled the Atlanta rapper to the forefront of the rap game. Now, he’s a headlining act that’s tearing down stages from the U.S. to overseas.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

The rapper’s profile has grown which means that his security detail has, as well. Just the other day, Baby shared footage of the huge security team that escorted him to the stage of a festival he was performing at. They’re clearly working hard for every dollar and last night was no exception.

Lil Baby was performing in Charlotte for the Back Outside tour when an ambitious fan attempted to shake hands with the “We Paid” rapper. While the rapper wrapped up a song, the fan managed to storm the stage in hopes that he could get daps real quick. Unfortunately, it was a series of misfortunes for the fan who was left hanging. Shortly after, Baby’s security swept in to protect him from any potential harm and tackled the fan to the ground, badly. The video shows them dragging the concertgoers off of the stage.

It was an eventful evening all around. Baby even brought out DaBaby for a quick cameo.

Check the footage of Lil Baby’s security below.