After Lil Baby revealed the price at which he’s going to start charging for verses, Lil Durk encouraged him to double it.

If you thought Lil Baby’s newly established price for a feature was steep, just wait until you hear how much Lil Durk wants him to charge. This morning, Baby took to Twitter to let the world know just how much cash these artists and their labels are going to have to start coughing up if they have any interest in getting him to feature on a song. Considering the speed at which Lil Baby has catapulted in stardom this year alone, it makes sense that he’s starting to reevaluate his rates and, subsequently, the value of his time, talent, and work. After his latest album, My Turn, returned to the top of the Bill 200 and spent multiple weeks in a row in the No. 1 spot, Baby decided it was time to start charging a little more for a verse.

“At this point it’s safe to say I want 100k for a feature,” he wrote. While some might find this to be a big ask, others would disagree. In fact, Lil Durk, who’s been active in the rap game for longer than Baby by a few years, didn’t think it was enough, and challenged him to turn that 1 into a 2. “F*ck that 200k,” Durk replied. 

Lil Baby’s boss, Pierre “Pee” Thomas of Quality Control, also encouraged him to double his proposed price.

Before we know it, Lil Baby will be out here charging half a mil for a feature, and we can’t even be mad at it.