Earlier this year, Lil Mama said she reached out to both of them but went ignored, and now, she’s happy to see that there is nothing but love.

It was a moment that caused Lil Mama to become the subject of ridicule for years, but Jay-Z and Alicia Keys don’t hold any grudges. At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Hov and Keys were performing their smash hit “Empire State of Mind” when Lil Mama became so moved in the audience that she danced her way to the stage and posed with the pair.

The moment has been reshared and commented on for years as Lil Mama has been trolled, teased, and harassed about the display. During Keys’s Twitter Spaces chat this week, both Jay and Keys spoke kind words about Lil Mama and added that they have nothing but love for her.

Lil Mama
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

The mention wasn’t ignored by Lil Mama and she shared it to her Instagram with a few additional thoughts. Back in April, she reportedly claimed that she had been ignored by Jay-Z. However, she was happy to hear the Twitter Spaces conversation.

“I appreciate hearing this portion of last nights conversation, she said. “This has always been my stance , Love. Love for both my big brother, big sister and my city. It brings clarity to all of us as a community to actually hear these words from our legendary leaders. Hip Hop has always been a culture to me, not just music.. with that, I believe fellowship is very important to cultural growth. Reaching out to say you can do better or even to say your doing great can make the world of difference.”

“Thanks #JayZ and @aliciakeys for using your voices in this conversation . Hopefully we can have one together soon.” Check it out below.