Uzi is just doing side quests.

Lil Uzi Vert has always possessed a youthful energy, and has the money to fund his amateur schemes. Now, on his recent streak of visiting some of his friends’ livestreams, he has a plan for a new wacky purchase.

On Trainwreck’s Twitch stream Friday (Nov. 26), Uzi told the hosts that he is planning to buy a jet pack soon. Explaining that it would likely cost between $600k-$700k: “I’m trying to buy this jet pack, right. This is serious. It’s not about the money. I think, after everything, it’s about $700,000 or $600,00. The one I’m trying to get, you got to take a class for about a year I think.”

With a mellow tone in his voice, it seems that Uzi has put a lot of thought into this purchase. On other recent streams, particularly the one with Adin Ross from last week, Uzi seemed more unhinged. At one particular moment, he seemed very upset when Adin referred to him as Symere, which is his birth name: “Bro, stop calling me by my fucking name. No, no, no, no. Stop calling me by my fucking name, please.”

So, as Uzi has calmed down, he still seems intent on buying a jet pack. This comes a few months after he spent $24 million to implant a pink diamond in his forehead, which he has removed a few times and almost had stolen.

A jet pack, however, seems much ore useful and practical than a forehead diamond, if you can believe that.

Do the idea of having a jet pack sound cool?